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Client List and Project History

Client List

Monkton Software
Verve Mobile (Python, Pig, Hadoop, AWS)
Millennial Media (Java, JavaScript, AJax, TestNg, Robot, Ibatis)
AOL/ (Java, C++, C, Perl, Linux, Netezza, SQL)
Scientific Games International (C++, C, VB5, TCP/IP, Digiboard)
Peregrin Systems (Ada, C, Cobol)
Hathaway Industrial Automation (C, vxWorks, DigiBoard, ICCP, DNP 3.0)
IRE Corporation (C, ASM, FoxPro)
Thomson Consumer Electronics (C, MS-Windows)
MMK Europe (C, C++, VB5, ATL COM)
Autotote Systems (C, OS/2, Pascal)
Skills Bank Corporation (C, Zinc)
Interlink Computer Sciences (C, UNIX, TCP/IP)
NetWeave Corporation (C, Mac, Windows, Unix, Vax)
Telerate Dow Jones (C, UNIX, VMS, X.25, TCP/IP)
Hughes Network Systems (C, UNIX, VMS)
Peregrin Systems (Ada)
Bel Ray (COBOL)
CACI (Pascal, VMS, RDB)
Connecticut General Insurance (BASIC)
Credit Union Mortgage Association (dBASE)
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (C)
599 Inc. (Property Management, C, RSX-11)
General Instrument Corporation (Design)
Vidar Systems (C, drivers)
U.S.F. & G. Insurance (Pascal)

Project History

Monkton Software
1985 to Present Android SDK, Java, Virtual Box, OpenStack
I have been an independent consultant for 30 years.
I am currently working on an Android application using animation.
Long, long, ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I developed a commercial product called dBFind. dBFind was the only product ever on the market to find uninitialized variables pre-runtime in dBase programs.

Verve Mobile
2014 to 2014 Python, Pig, Hadoop, Amazon AWS S3 & SQS, Git
Provided development and maintenance support for the Verve ETL software.

Millennial Media
May 2007 to Present Java, Eclipse, NetBeans, Tomcat, MySQL, CitrusLeaf, SVN, Git, MVN, JavaScript, Tomcat, JBoss, Grails, Redis, Hibernate, Memcached, JUnit, TestNG, Dbutils, Iniutils, Java, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Git, Rest, jQuery, Ajax, JavaScript, Angular JS. Struts, Ibatis, Robot.
I started out working on the Millennial Media Ad Server in Java.
I then moved on to a tactical team, fixing production problems in various applications using a variety of software environments.
I then moved on to writing unit and integration tests to increase automated test coverage for productions systems.
I then moved on to supporting JumpTap systems GUI applications.

2007 to 2012 C++, Perl, Java, SQL, Oracle Stored Procedures, Netezza, bash scripts
I spent my time here doing mission critical software development. My first two years were spent maintaining and enhancing the software for the production adserver for The last almost 4 years, were spent maintaining and enhancing the software for the production ETL systems (big data) at

Developed real time bidding software for ads with MySpace.

Scientific Games International
1993 to 2007 C, TCP/IP, WinNT, Digiboard, Communications, Sybase Open Server
Designed and developed the communications software for SGI's online lottery systems. One piece of this software runs on the back office processing engine (Linux), a second piece runs on Windows XP as a communications front end processor (CFE), and a third piece runs on the lottery point of sale terminals (Embedded XP). All code is written in C++ and C. Each of several CFE's communicate to all Point of Sale Terminals across various communication protocols include TCP, UDP, X.25, and multidropped serial lines. The CFE's communicate via TCP/IP to the process running on the back office system, which in turn talks to SGI's proprietary transaction processing engine. The piece on the terminal consists of an application process, a support DLL and a Vxd/WDM Device driver. The CFE program includes a software implementation of the DES encryption algorithm. Ported the communications software to QNX embedded systems environment.

Designed and developed a network monitor application, written in Visual Basic 5, to provide graphical diagnostic information to system operators via UDP/IP messages between management consoles and the Communications Front End.

Delivered to lotteries for Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Montana, Ohio, South Carolina, Colorado, Maryland, Barbados, Mexico, Iceland, and Catalunya, Spain.

Peregrin Systems
1989 to 2007 Ada, Pascal
Developed a subset of the Cobol runtime file system in C, as part of a conversion of Lowe's point of sale system from Cobol to C.
Helped develop a Vax Pascal to Ada translator, written in Ada.
Helped develop an Ada to C translator, written in Ada.
Helped Develop a Cobol macro processor for Sage Software (now Intersolve), written in Ada.

Hathaway Industrial Automation
1998 to 2007 C, vxWorks, DigiBoard
Developed a Wind River Systems' vxWorks device driver for an intelligent DigiBoard multiport communications device. Integrated the Triangle Microworks DNP 3.0 product into Hathaway's proprietary TIS4000 process control product. Integrated Tamarak's ICCP TASE-2 server product into Hathaways TIS4000 product. Developed a protocol driver to communicate with a Siemans Quad4 Meter.

Delivered to multiple California ISO sites since Summer 1999.

Information Resource Engineering (SafeNet)
1997 to 1999 C, ASM, FoxPro
Supplying software support for the IRE SC3000 product. The software is written in C, 8086 Assembly, and FoxPro 2.6.

Thomson Consumer Electronics
1992 to 2001 C, MS-Windows
Development and support of a custom application using MS-Windows and C to assist TCE quality control engineers in collecting and maintaining test data from the CRT manufacturing center in Lancaster, PA.

MMK Europe
1997 to 1998 C, C++, ATL COM, VB5
Developed an ATL COM object supplying X.25 and TCP/IP protocol support for communications between point of sale terminals and back office systems. System is written in C/C++ on Windows NT.

Delivered to the Pronto Lottery System in England in November 1997.

Autotote Systems
1996 to 1997 C, OS/2 Device Drivers, Pascal
Assumed responsibility for three OS/2 Device Drivers for the Autotote standalone touch screen terminal. The drivers were a printer driver, and sound driver, and a mark sense/bar code reader. Delivered to the New Zealand TAB, in May 1996.

Developed new OS/2 device drivers for printer, mark sense reader, and bar code reader. Delivered November, 1997.

Developed Windows VXD drivers for a printer, optical reader, and a data storage key (similar to a smart card). Delivered May, 1998.

Skills Bank Corporation
1995 to 1997 C++, MS-Windows, Zinc
Developed an application in C++ integrating the California Test Board standardized tests into the Skills Bank teaching product.

Developed a Breakout Game clone for integration with the Skills Bank Math teaching product in C++.

Interlink Computer Sciences
1995 to 1996 C, TCP/IP, OS/2, UNIX, Communications
Developed a TCP/IP test suite for Interlink's engineering department to assist in testing their IBM MVS TCP/IP product line.

NetWeave Corporation
1988 to 1996 C, TCP/IP, X.25, NetBios, Named Pipes, Macintosh, OS/2, Windows, UNIX, VAX/VMS, Communications, Netware NLM
Design, development, and support for three generations of the product NetWeave. This product allowed remote access to legacy file systems, database replication, process to process communications, and reliable message broadcasting, between VAX/VMS, AS/400, Stratus, Tandem, UNIX, MS-DOS, MS-Windows, OS/2, Macintosh, and NetWare (NLM) systems across custom communication protocols, TCP/IP, DECNET, Named Pipes, NetBios, LU6.2, and/or X.25.

Telerate Dow Jones
1991 to 1993 C, UNIX, VAX/VMS, TCP/IP, Decnet, X.25
Design, development, and support of a communications platform for distribution of financial instrument pricing over a distributed series of VAX machines. Using a single API, the communication layer supports X.25, Decnet, VMS Shared Memory, and VMS Mailboxes.

Design, development, and support of a communications platform for distribution of financial instrument pricing over a distributed series of HP Unix workstations. Using a single API, the communication layer supports TCP/IP, UNIX shared memory, and a custom intra-thread protocol.

Hughes Network Systems
1986 to 1989 C, UNIX, VAX/VMS, DCL, X.25
Technical project leader for developing a VAX/VMS operating system as part of converting a 200,000 line VAX Pascal program to a HP-UX HP 9000. Responsibilities included scheduling tasks, top level software design, code reviews, writing code as required, and assisting staff in debugging. Staffing under my supervision ranged from 2 to 10 people. The Pascal program was a packet switching network operations console, utilizing extensive process to process communications. The VMS emulation layer software required 60,000 lines of C code plus 40,000 lines of test code in Pascal and C.

From June to November 1988 I wrote a compiler for VAX DCL programs generating UNIX C shell programs as the target language, using "lex" and "yacc" for parsing, and C for the remainder. From November to December I changed the DCL compiler into an interpreter. The interpreter and supporting libraries consisted of 13,000 lines of C and 2000 lines of lex and yacc code.

Bel Ray
1991 to 1993 COBOL, VMS
Provided software support on a custom application written in VAX COBOL to provide salesmen commission reports from the PRAXA commercial accounting package.

1988 to 1989 Pascal, VAX, RDB
Provided systems analysis services to achieve database performance improvements for a warehouse control system written in Pascal on a MicroVax using RDB database.

Connecticut General Insurance
1989 to 1989 Basic, MS-DOS
Modified a custom software package, written in BASIC to manage data entry statistics, to expand database capacity.

599 Inc.
1987 to 1993 C, RSX-11
Conversion of an Infotecs Hibol program into Whitesmiths C on a DEC Micro/PDP 11/73. The application is a custom property management software package to control rents, leases, miscellaneous charges and all associated transactions. Included conversion of several relational databases with multiple indexes.

My final role on this contract was to assist this company in converting their operations to a commercial property management software package and turning support over to a local VAR.

Credit Union Mortgage Association
1986 to 1988 dBASE, MS-DOS, Novell
Design and development of a turnkey application automating loan processing from the loan application phase through settlement and servicing, to pay offs. Program consisted of approximately 16,000 lines of dBASE/Clipper code, running on a Novell Network with 20 users. Contract also included system design, network installation and wiring, training and support.

My final role on this contract was to assist this company in converting their operations to a commercial mortgage processing software package and turning support over to a local VAR.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments
1988 to 1988 C
Developed several database reports written in C using Windows For Data and the C86 compiler, for an IBM PC. The database is from an existing applications package purchased from an outside vendor.

General Instrument Corporation
1986 to 1987 C, AIX
Developed a specification for a database application to provide reporting capabilities on race track betting handles for the Ontario Jockey Club, to be written in C on an IBM RT running IBM'S UNIX system AIX.

Vidar Systems
1986 to 1986 C, MS-DOS
Developed high speed device drivers and an operator console for an optical scanner for Vidar's optical scanner product line. Consisted of approximately 10,000 lines of C code and some 8086 assembly language as required for performance, with serial, parallel, and DMA device drivers.

U.S. Fidelity and Guarantee
1985 to 1986 Turbo Pascal
Developed a forms entry package for USF&G. Written in Turbo Pascal, consisting of about 8,000 lines of new code. Application supported the data entry/storage/retrieval of unemployment insurance forms for insurance agents.

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